Locomotion Workshop

This three-day workshop took place at LIRMM in Montpellier from October 24th to 26th.


Afternoon session, Tuesday, Oct 24th

  • Pierre-Brice Wieber: "COMANOID Locomotion Workshop: Goals and Metrics" [slides]
  • Johannes Englsberger: "Basics of DCM-based trajectories" [slides]
  • Stéphane Caron: "Pendular models for walking over rough terrains" [slides]
  • Leonardo Lanari: "CoM-ZMP boundedness: from tracking to MPC" [slides]

Morning session, Wednesday, Oct 25th

  • Matteo Ciocca: "Strong Recursive Feasibility in Model Predictive Control for Legged Robots" [slides] [paper]
  • Nahuel Villa: "Model Predictive Control of Biped Walking with Bounded Uncertainties" [slides] [paper]
  • Johannes Englsberger: "Quick overview of Johannes' QP framework + getting experiments to work" [slides]
  • Jan Michalczyk: "HuMoTo Software for Walking Motion Generation" [slides]
  • Alexander Werner: "Efficiently not falling into the hole: walking in the real world" [slides]

Afternoon session, Wednesday, Oct 25th

  • Nestor Bohorquez: "Adaptive step duration and rotation in biped walking" [slides] [paper]
  • Daniele De Simone: "MPC-based Humanoid Pursuit-Evasion in the presence of Obstacles" [slides 1] [paper 1] [slides 2] [paper 2]
  • George Mesesan: "Convex properties of DCM-based trajectories" [slides]
  • Stanislas Brossette: "Collision avoidance based on separating planes for feet trajectory generation" [slides] [paper]
  • Stéphane Caron: "MPC for 3D Balance control: A convex boundedness approach" [slides] [paper]

Morning session, Thursday, Oct 26th

  • Discussion and project planning

List of participants

  • DLR:
    • Alexander Werner
    • George Mesesan
    • Johannes Englsberger
  • INRIA:
    • Jan Michalczyk
    • Matteo Ciocca
    • Nahuel Villa
    • Nestor Bohorquez
    • Pierre-Briece Wieber
    • Stanislas Brossette
  • LIRMM:
    • Abderrahmane Kheddar
    • Kévin Chappellet
    • Stéphane Caron
  • UniRoma 1:
    • Daniele De Simone
    • Leonardo Lanari